What Is the Trick to Really Staying Sober

Newly clean and sober people, those just beginning to live the experience, are often filled with wide-eyed expectations. That is perfectly acceptable and very normal. Many will ask, with eager expressiveness in their eyes, what’s the trick to really staying sober?

Those who are embarking on a fresh start, a frequently anxious new journey in life, want to know the secret solution to staying off drugs and alcohol. With all due respect to the excitement surrounding early sobriety, there is no secret recipe or magical trick to staying sober.

However, there are tools and experiences that can build a rock-solid foundation for living clean and sober. The experience is called recovery. If you’re looking for a trick or a gimmick to keep you sober, you may be disappointed. However, there is a solution.

For the sake of argument, we can agree to call this solution a trick to staying sober. The solution, or trick, is to follow these suggestions, which if followed, will seem to help you magically stay clean and sober from one day to the next.

Reach Out

The first so-called trick to really staying sober is to begin the journey. That first act of admitting that you might have a problem may be the trickiest part of recovery. Addiction, alcoholism and drug abuse, are diseases that work to convince you that you do not need help.

You may either feel you don’t really have a problem at all, if there is a problem it isn’t that bad, or that you don’t need help to fix the problem, if there even is one. These are three common beliefs. The trick to overcoming these fallacies in judgment is to reach out for help.


There are millions who have shed the chains of addiction. A vast majority of those who successfully stay clean and sober from one day to the next insist, on one vital key to their recovery. They all got connected, and they stay connected.

This could involve continued support from mental health professionals to address issues that invariably feed your addiction and can trigger a relapse. Staying connected could involve a self-motivated pursuit of recovery information through reading literature and working towards daily self-improvement.

Another recommended source of connections in recovery is the various recovery fellowships. There is something to be said, and a lot of evidence to support the idea, that addicts and alcoholics sharing experiences with one another is an invaluable tool in their recovery. The trick isn’t how you stay connected as much as it’s the fact that you need to.

Remain Teachable

There are countless factors and situations unique to nearly everyone who looks to recover from an addiction. Most of the things which helped to create your addictive mindset will take time to change. The key is to remain open-minded and willing to do what is necessary to stay clean and sober.

If this tricky, you’re right. Far too many have found recovery, only to think they had their addiction beaten. Don’t fall back on your laurels, falsely assuming that a life situation couldn’t wash away decades of sober time in an instant.

There are heartbreaking stories of people with years of clean and sober time who lost that sense of being teachable. Each day in your wonderful journey in recovery will bring you an opportunity to learn something new about yourself and your recovery.

If there is one aspect of these three tips that might truly be a trick to really staying sober, it’s to remain teachable. If you reach out for help, make and keep strong recovery connections, you allow yourself the chance to absorb new things and remain teachable. There is an adage in recovery that says if you’re not working to improve, you’re going backward.

Finding out that there is no magic cure or trick to ensure a lifetime of clean and sober living may seem like a disappointment initially. However, like millions who are enjoying recovery, the joy is in the journey, not in finding some secret solution to an end result.

If you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, the first trick to try is to ask for help. Like the other suggestions we presented, you’ll find this little trick to be a pathway to a new lifestyle, a life that doesn’t have to lean on drugs or alcohol.

The rest of the journey will be full of magical moments, even if they’re really aren’t any actual tricks to staying sober. Start your journey in recovery today. Pick up the phone and call 833-364-0736, ask for help. Make the call today, because tomorrow may be too late.