Is it possible to be an alcoholic at 19?

People often think of alcoholics as being middle-aged or older. While it is true that it sometimes takes this long for the effects of alcoholism to show up in a person’s life, this doesn’t mean that younger people can’t have a problem with alcohol. Addiction can begin at any age, and you may be more susceptible to developing a drinking problem if you started out drinking at a young age. This is because your brain is still developing through your teens, and these early years are when you begin to form many of your lifestyle habits. Many young adults start out drinking for fun.

You might have wanted to fit in with your friends, or you drank out of boredom. You might have even witnessed unhealthy relationships with alcohol among people in your family. Growing up with parents who drink excessively is a risk factor for developing an alcoholic addiction. When you are wondering is it possible to be an alcoholic at 19, it is likely that you already know your drinking is out of control. Learning how to identify whether or not you need professional treatment is your next step towards living a healthier lifestyle.

An easy way to understand how you could be an alcoholic at 19 is to think about your past habits. If you started drinking at 13 or 14, you’ve already got five or more years of drinking under your belt. Alcohol addiction can develop within weeks or months in people who are susceptible.

You can start to figure out if you need professional treatment by asking yourself these questions.

•Do you need more drinks to feel the effects than you did in the past?
•Have others expressed worry about your drinking habits?
•Do you need a drink in the morning to deal with hangovers?
•Are you experiencing problems at work or school because of alcohol?
•Have you been arrested for an alcohol-related offense?
•Do you have a close relative with an alcohol addiction?
•Do you feel like your drinking is out of control?

Answering yes to any of these questions indicates that you could have an unhealthy drinking habit. Keep in mind that it does require a professional’s expertise to identify whether or not you truly are an alcoholic.

Get Help Figuring Out Why You Drink Too Much Alcohol

Reaching out for help is the only way that most people can get sober. This is because quitting drinking is not always as simple as deciding that you won’t drink alcohol anymore. Alcohol dependency involves changes in the way that your mind and body respond to drinking. This is why trying to quit through sheer willpower alone is often ineffective. The truth is that you live in a world where you will be exposed to alcohol at home, work or when you are socializing. Learning why you drink too much helps you to develop a plan that makes it easier to be sober in a world where other people drink.

When you enter a professional treatment program, you quickly begin to experience the benefits of having real support with getting sober. In rehab, there is not judgment. Instead, you’ll meet other people who also struggle with alcohol, and you’ll likely find that this includes other people your age. Your new support network will include professional counselors who will help you begin to identify the underlying reasons for why you choose to drink. Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Many people who start drinking young do, and your treatment plan can consist of strategies that address coexisting mental health conditions. You could also benefit from having help figuring out what you like to do when you are sober. Alcoholism often causes you to set aside your former favorite activities so that you can spend more time drinking. Going to a rehab that offers recreational activities helps you to develop new interests or revive an old passion that gives you momentum for staying sober when you get home.

Deciding to get sober at a young age gives you hope for a bright future. As part of tackling your alcohol problem, your counselors will help you develop a new plan for your life. This might include finishing college or finding a job that you love. They’ll also help you mend any broken relationships so that you have a supportive network of family and friends waiting to help you at home. Are you worried about how alcohol is affecting your life right now? If so, we’ve got people who are ready to help. Call our team at 833-364-0736 to find out your treatment options today.