Who Can I Turn to for Support in Alcohol Rehab When I Really Want a Drink?

When you’re in rehab for alcohol abuse, you’ll likely feel an urge or craving to drink now and again. It’s important to remember that this is completely common for alcoholics. The urge to imbibe may even hit you for years to come, often at the most unexpected times. While you will not want to drink, you’ll probably feel a very strong pull towards alcohol. Luckily, most urges won’t last long. With the proper knowledge behind you, you will be prepared for when they do occur.

The best way to deal with these types of cravings is to plan ahead for them. Another way to deal is to have a solid support system in place. Just remember, rehab will be one of your most difficult times when it comes to cravings. You may be having a rough time of it as you are withdrawing from the alcohol in detox, even with medication to help. Are you asking yourself, who can I turn to for support in alcohol rehab when I really want a drink? If the answer is yes, read on to find out more.

Talk to your doctor

Even with medication to fight the cravings, you may still feel an intense urge to drink while you are in rehab. If so, talk to your doctor about your urges. He or she may decide to adjust the medication you are taking if they believe you are still dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal. Don’t be afraid to talk to them anytime you are there, even if it has been weeks since you checked in. If your doctor isn’t available when you are feeling the urge to drink, ask if you can see a nurse.

Talk to your therapist

Your therapist may not be available to you day and night, but you should be able to talk to someone if you start having cravings. If you don’t have the chance to talk to them when the feelings are strong, keep in mind that you will have the chance to soon. Once your private session rolls around, start the conversation off with how you were feeling and how you feel now. They will give you pointers and tips on how to battle the cravings you have been dealing with.

Talk in group therapy

You’ll be attending many group therapy sessions while you are a patient in rehab. This means being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are dealing with the same situation and struggles as you are. Take advantage of this time to talk about your cravings for alcohol. You’ll be comforted by the fact that you are not alone. You’ll likely hear some great tips on how to battle the thoughts in your head by others who have dealt with it for longer periods of time.

Talk to rehab friends

You’ll have some downtime when you are in rehab. This time can be spent doing a plethora of activities, and one of these activities can be talking to the friends you will make there. You may even have a roommate that would be willing to listen when you can’t stop thinking about having a drink. Be open about your needs and feelings, and you’ll likely feel your cravings pass quicker than you think.

Journal your feelings

Sometimes, talking just isn’t an option. You may be burned out from all the talking you have been doing, or you may have a craving in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. Whatever the case, consider journaling as an answer. Writing down your thoughts and feelings will help put everything into perspective. While you write about your urges, think about how far you have already come and how you don’t want to start over again.

Write a letter home to family

If you have a significant other waiting at home for you, why not write out your frustrations and fears in a letter? If this isn’t an option, consider writing to a friend or family member that you trust. Getting your feelings down on paper to send to someone you love can help you see that you have a lot to work for in rehab. You won’t want to throw it away by drinking! Remember, you don’t even have to mail the letter once it is completed. For many people, just the act of writing is therapeutic enough.

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