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Intensive Outpatient Program

Many people who are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction find themselves facing a number of significant barriers to treatment. If you or someone you love is seeking the path to recovery, our intensive outpatient program can help. Whether you have a family to care for, are enrolled in important career training, or are holding down a part or full-time job, committing to a long-term, inpatient program may not be possible. With our intensive outpatient program, you’ll have access to many of the same services and resources that you would if attending on-campus treatment. Best of all, the seasoned professionals who staff our facility can streamline the available service and support to meet your unique needs.

Inpatient treatment is commonly recommended for people who’ve tried and failed in rehab before, those with extensive and long-running histories of substances abuse, people who require treatment for co-morbidity or co-occurring disorders, and those who routinely use excessively large amounts of drugs or alcohol. One thing that’s known, however, is that there is no single addiction treatment model that’s guaranteed to work well for everyone. Thus, even if you fit the profile for someone who’s best-suited to inpatient care, you may quickly find that these more restrictive programs simply aren’t right for you. The very thought of being separated from your family, putting your career or education on hold, or exiting your current environment entirely, might cause anxiety. This is especially true when proposed treatments last for up to six full months. If you’ve completed an inpatient program before and have recently relapsed, it may be that you need the combined structure and freedom that an intensive outpatient program supplies. We believe that treatments for substance use disorder are most effective when they are perfectly in line the needs of the individual.

Like inpatient treatment, our intensive outpatient program covers a lot of ground. Designed for people who are still in the formative stages of their recoveries, this program will give you helpful advice for recognizing cravings and temptation, besting these challenges as they arise, and successfully building a plan against relapse. During treatment, patients can continue returning home in the evenings and on the weekends, even as they receive constant guidance, motivation, and support. With multiple options in individual therapy and group counseling, you will have ample opportunity to learn more about the underlying causes of your addiction, the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs that have the power to derail your recovery, and the best and most effective strategies for keeping your sobriety on track. You can learn your triggers and identify the best coping tools and strategies to leverage when encountering them. Our counseling services build confidence, strengthen resolve, and teach clients to establish meaningful social connections in positive and healthy ways.

We additionally offer a vast range of on-site therapeutic activities that clients can engage in for self-reflection and self-learning, stress management, and cravings management among other things. Much like group therapy, group exercises foster better communication skills, assist clients in learning boundary-setting, teach compassion, and bolster individual recovery efforts. The socialization skills learned in our environment make it easier for people to address social stress in the real-world setting without increasing the risk of relapse.

Our team also helps clients make long-term plans for maintaining their sobriety, optimizing their health, and furthering their lives all-around. This includes guidance in goal-setting, assistance in identifying important resources, and strategies for maintaining an ongoing, post-rehab support team. For every outpatient client, we deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions. This includes professional and compassionate care throughout the detox process, assistance in identifying and treating co-occurring disorders or co-morbidity, and more.

Perhaps the greatest benefit provided by our intensive outpatient program is the ability to retain a semblance of normalcy in your life, even as you fight to regain your personal freedom from addiction. Many of the positive and familiar routines that you enjoy can remain just as they were, while you work to achieve and maintain your sobriety. These might be as simple as traveling into the office each morning, tucking your kids in at night, or maintaining your role as breadwinner. If you’re ready to get started with an intensive and highly effective outpatient program, call us today.

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