Is It Normal For An Alcoholic To Go To Detox More Than Once?

Addiction recovery doesn’t always follow a linear path. Although many people are able to get sober by going through detox once, others may find that it takes several times before they are finally able to maintain long-term sobriety. There are many things that go into how long it takes for sobriety to stick. You or your loved one might experience a relapse after years of being sober that is severe enough to require assistance with the detox process. Other people may return to their drinking habits as soon as they return home if they don’t get help making the right plans for their after care treatment. It is normal for an alcoholic to go to detox more than once. There is no shame in recognizing that the first treatment didn’t fully provide a person with the coping skills they need to overcome stress and adversity in their life. After a relapse, going to detox could even be what you need to make sure that you don’t go through severe withdrawal symptoms alone.

There are several reasons why people may need to go to detox for a second or third time. People who have struggled with an addiction in the past are susceptible to having more severe withdrawal symptoms due to changes in their body’s tolerance to alcohol. It is common for someone to begin drinking more than ever before during a relapse, or your body might not be able to handle going back to how much you used to drink in the past. Choosing to go to detox again puts you in touch with services that help you to figure out why you relapsed so that you can make plans to return to your sober lifestyle.

Get Stronger by Making a Return Trip to an Alcohol Addiction Center

Dealing with a relapse could cause you to feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed. These are all negative emotions that can hold you back from giving treatment another try. If you feel this way, then it is important to reach out to someone who understands. Take a look at your current after care plan. Are there people in your life that you designated as someone that you can talk to about what is going on? If so, then now is the time to put your relapse plan into action. Sharing that you’ve been drinking with your spouse, counselor or close friend can help you to see that people don’t blame you for what is happening.

You’ll also want to take the next step of planning to go back to alcohol addiction treatment. During your visit to a treatment center, you can take an assessment to find out what has led to your relapse. The intake process will also involve taking an inventory of your health to identify the best methods to help you through detox. While it might be frustrating to feel like you are starting all over again, it can be reassuring to remember that you aren’t. Instead, you are going into treatment with more knowledge of what affects your drinking habits. You’ll be able to build on this information as you develop a new treatment plan. People who are dealing with a relapse might add these strategies to their addiction treatment to help them regain their sobriety.

  • Invite your loved ones to attend family therapy
  • Talk about new stresses in your life with an individual counselor
  • Address changes in your living situation that influence your drinking
  • Identify new triggers and ways to cope with them

If you talk to people who have an alcohol addiction, you’ll find that each person’s sobriety story varies. Very few people have a flawless journey towards sobriety. Instead, there is often a recurring theme of people learning how to pick themselves back up again. When a relapse happens, time is of the essence. Your experience with detox and the rest of your treatment greatly depends upon seeking help as soon as you know that you are having a relapse. As you make the decision to go back to treatment, try to reflect upon how your previous experience in rehab helped and what you might want to do differently this time. Choosing to view this as another step in your journey can help you overcome any negativity you feel about going back to treatment.

Have you fallen back into your old drinking habits? If so, then you can choose to make today the day that you get back on your feet. Give us a call today at 833-364-0736 to find an alcohol addiction treatment center that is prepared to help you make things better this time around.