Does Everyone Who Works In A Drug Rehab Center Come From A Past Life Of Addiction?

Have you ever wondered what makes someone want to get into the field of addiction treatment? After all, it is hard work caring for other people, and you might be curious exactly what types of people you’ll encounter in a drug rehab center. You might have even heard that everyone who works in a drug rehab center comes from a past life of addiction. While many people do struggle with an addiction, you can’t assume that everyone you meet in a drug rehab is on a personal journey with sobriety. However, you can trust that each person is there because they are unified in the goal of helping others to achieve a sober lifestyle. Exploring some of the various types of people who work in a rehab can help you feel more comfortable about attending an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

The typical drug rehab center is filled with people who serve multiple roles. Over your stay, you may encounter any or all of the following types of care providers.
•Professional interventionists
•Psychiatrists and psychologists
•Addiction counselors
•Behavioral health technicians
•Life coaches
•Support staff such as cooks and housekeepers

Some of these people are actively living a sober lifestyle due to a past with an addiction. Sometimes, a person might choose to enter the field of addiction treatment out of the desire to help others who are currently dealing with things that they went through in the past. Alternatively, you might encounter someone who simply wants to see other people thrive, even if they’ve never been actively embroiled in the personal challenges that come with addiction.

The prevalence of addiction in our society is so high that most people have at least some experience with addiction. A professional interventionist might choose their job after growing up in a household with a parent who misused drugs or alcohol. At some point, they may have made a commitment to make sure other people didn’t have to go through similar life events. Although you’ll likely work with people who have experienced addiction in their past, they may or may not always share what they lived through. This is because certain roles in a drug rehab are designed to help you focus on your life without any preconceived expectations. For instance, an addiction counselor may prefer to keep their past life private so that your individual sessions together remain focused on helping you to develop new coping skills that you can use when you return home. The majority of the counselors and other treatment providers that you work with will prefer to draw upon their education and training to help you overcome your addiction.

Thrive In Sobriety With the Help of a Strong Support System

Whether a staff member has a past that involves addiction or not, your sobriety is what matters. The one thing that you can count on is that each person in a treatment center that you come in contact with is dedicated to helping people get sober. You may find it hard to talk about addiction with people in your every day life. You might feel like your friends, family members or colleagues just can’t understand what it is like to need to use drugs or alcohol every day. Fortunately, these feelings of discomfort slip away once you enter a facility where everyone is on the same page.

Getting sober is easier with support. The people in a drug rehab center are eager to listen to your questions and concerns. In some cases, they may share with you some of their past history, but this only happens when it is viewed as helpful. Similar to how things work in your every day life, you might not ever know what someone has been through. What matters the most is how you interact with that person in the present. Entering a drug rehab center involves a transformation. You’ll likely walk through the doors burdened by everything that is going on in your life that is being impacted by your addiction. As you complete your treatment, you’ll feel freed from those burdens and ready to embark upon a new lifestyle that isn’t bogged down by stress. This is only possible to achieve by opening your life up to other people who have helped others through this journey and allowing yourself to learn from their education and experience.

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