Reasons Why Its Not Wise to Go to A Rehab Center Near You

The thought of going to rehab might seem like a good idea for many people. It seems like the best way to get your life back on track, but it’s not always wise. There are many reasons why you should think twice about going to rehab centers near you, but here are a few of the most important ones.

Reasons to Think Twice

• Drug Triggers: The drug trigger is more of a concern than ever in the rehabilitation of addicts. There are many different aspects to consider when treating someone who has been addicted for years and they all need to be addressed with care and attention; not just their addiction. Drug triggers can range from stress, anxiety, depression, boredom, or loneliness – any negative feeling which leads them back towards drugs as a source of relief when in reality it is only making things worse. Treatment needs to address these feelings to successfully rehabilitate them. Rehabilitation is not just about treating the addiction but also looking at other factors which led an addict towards their habit so that they are better able to cope with it when faced again in the future. While at a local rehab, the drug triggers could be high causing many to fall back.

• Distraction: One of the biggest challenges for rehabs is a distraction. Patients often get so wrapped up in their new environment that they stop following through on treatment plans and relapse, making it harder for them to get sober, and sometimes causing them to die. The mission of rehabilitation centers is to give struggling addicts a safe place they can heal and grow into healthy, sober adults who can live their lives without the need for drug use or dependence on others. Unfortunately, many rehabs only offer partial treatment plans so people with addiction can focus more on getting their lives back on track.

• Unhealthy Atmosphere: Some rehab facilities simply provide an unhealthy atmosphere rather than teaching how to live without drugs or alcohol. One of the most difficult aspects of these places can be their policies. Some may offer detoxification services but refuse admittance if you have been using other substances while working through withdrawal symptoms. The result is a patient might have to go from one facility to another until they find one that accepts them. Such a search could take weeks or months depending on how long it takes for drug screens to come back clean. Another problem with rehabs is that many patients struggle with mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is not uncommon for people who are struggling with these conditions to be dismissed from treatment because they do not fit into the facility’s criteria of addiction-only policies.

• The Wrong People: Another reason why you shouldn’t go to rehab centers near you is that most people here aren’t like yourself. Rehabilitation centers are not always the best places for everyone, and sometimes people end up there who don’t need them. It is important to think about alternatives when considering this option. This may be a problem with drug or alcohol addiction but any kind of harmful behavior can occur in rehabilitation facilities due to other factors. If the wrong people are in local rehabs, it is time to find an alternative solution. This will better help them on their road towards recovery and not harm others who need help as well. The consequences of rehab for the wrong people can be harmful to themselves and others.

• Poor Treatment: Lastly, most people who go to a rehab center near them don’t receive good treatment. According to previous reports, many people in local rehab centers are being poorly treated. In most cases, these patients have been admitted to a center without any medical diagnosis and are not receiving care from a licensed professional. The lack of treatment at some facilities is due to staffing shortages among other things. Many recovering individuals rely on their facility as a support network which they can turn to when faced with addiction or relapse triggers. Without this type of care, these people will suffer greatly and may not be able to successfully recover from their addiction. One way you can help is by speaking up about your experience with poor treatment in local rehabs. If you know someone who has been through one of those centers and is not sure where to find help, allow them to have information on treatment centers that have been found beneficial in the past.


So, when considering where to go for help with your drug addictions remember these reasons why it’s not wise to go to a rehab center near you. If you or someone you know might need help with their addiction or would like to know more about alternatives or treatment centers in your area, you can call us at 833-364-0736.