Addicts Can Repair Their Relationship with God

People who are struggling with addiction know it reigns supreme in their lives. It has probably caused them a lot of financial and personal damage. Addiction creates a significant amount of chaos and leaves a trail of destruction with those an addict loves the most. It is common for an addict to feel they do not deserve the grace and forgiveness provided by God’s love. When someone has made the very difficult step of committing themselves to addiction rehab, they are now in a position to restore their relationship with God. Addiction has power over an addict. Having a healthy relationship with God can help in them during the healing process and a future sober life.

In God’s Hands

When an addict believes their relationships are falling apart, they should open up their heart to God. They should invite him into their life to help. When an addict trusts God, no matter how damaged a relationship may seem, salvaging it becomes possible. There are many addicts who share their testimony of how God saved their relationships. It all begins with inviting God to help them.

Restoring a Relationship With God

During addiction treatment, it is always important for an addict to open their heart to God. Praying is an essential part of the recovery process. This is something that does not have to be formal. It can be relaxed and unscripted.

  • It is common for a recovering addict to ask about the depression, adversity as well as addiction that has come into their life. God can guide a person through these difficult questions and provide clarity.
  • An addict will tell God about their experiences, life, and situation. They learn to express whatever is in their heart. They realize God wants to know what is weighing heavy on their soul.
  • Many addicts also express gratitude for the many blessings they have in their life. They realize these blessings are from God.
  • Apologizing to God for their addiction and talking about things in their past has brought a lot of peace to addicts. They know he will hear these prayers and forgive them.


Addicts know that God is listening to them, and they must listen to God. Communication with God is always happening. It is common for this to occur many times during the day. To hear will require pausing and actively listening to God. They will hear his wisdom, counsel, and praise. Taking the time to listen to God is a sign of devotion. It is a way an addict can demonstrate to God they value what he is telling them. People hear him at different times.

  • Pausing to think about something
  • When involved in therapy
  • Drifting off to sleep*
  • When eating
  • When reading
  • When exercising
  • When feeling lonely or depressed

Don’t Rush Things

Addicts soon realize God gives people trials in their lives, so they take the necessary time to develop a relationship with him. When someone’s relationship with God is right, all of their other relationships begin to make sense. God will give an addict answers to their questions. It’s important to realize it may take time for God to answer prayers, but the result is worth the wait. An addict must patiently wait for the hand of God to move in their life.


One of the most important things a person can do to restore a broken relationship with God is to humble themselves. They need to admit they were wrong. A humble heart is something God loves. When someone takes this brave step forward and admits to what their actions have caused them and those around them, God is glorified. This humbleness and love will inspire those receiving an apology to deal with their hurt. Should an addict struggle with admitting their faults, they need to ask for God’s help.


Going through the rehab and recovery experience is a very difficult time for most people. The process of detoxification requires an addict to dig deeper than they ever have before. The reason is to uncover the person God designed them to be. When someone is struggling and having a difficult time, they often question God. This is the time when real growth and trust can develop. Believing in God involves not being able to see him, but still trusting God with all their heart. It involves an addict believing in God when asked to do difficult things and trusting the path that has been set for them. When an addict trusts God during their treatment, their relationship with him will flourish.

When an addict wants to fix their broken relationship with God, they must be willing to prove their love for him. This involves addressing sins of their past life but also avoiding sin every day. Resisting temptation demonstrates love for God and maintains a good relationship with him. We can help you today. Call us at 833-364-0736. You can speak with one of our counselors 24 hours a day.