Are Private Alcohol Treatment Centers Like Resorts?

Living with alcohol addiction is unpredictable. At first, you might have started drinking for social reasons, and you might have even enjoyed having an alcoholic beverage or two to relax when you were on vacation. For people who are susceptible to alcohol addiction, what once started out as simple often becomes complicated. By the time that you are looking for a treatment center, you might already be experiencing the negative effects drinking too much on your lifestyle. For example, you might be struggling to keep a job or cover your bills. If you haven’t hit rock bottom yet, then you may still have problems in your relationships or be worried about your health. Choosing to go to a treatment center helps you take a step away from your troubles, and you’ll find that many private alcohol treatment centers are a lot like resorts with a few differences.

Take a moment to think about what you a resort means to you when you picture one in your mind. For some people, a resort is a place that offers the ultimate amenities for relaxing on vacation. To others, a resort is more like a special place to getaway from their daily stresses while they soak up a new environment. You’ll find that an alcohol treatment center is similar to a resort since every part of the program is designed to make life less stressful while you focus on yourself. The one difference that you’ll notice is that while many resorts offer alcoholic beverages on-site, your treatment center will not. This gives you all of the peace that comes with visiting a resort without the temptation that you might face if you were trying to quit using alcohol on a typical vacation.

Start Your Recovery in a Comfortable Environment

Trying to quit drinking at home is often fraught with failure. This isn’t because of a lack of willpower. It is simply too hard to overcome the physical effects that alcohol addiction has on your body without professional help. Many people pick up a drink again during their first days of sobriety simply to stop uncomfortable symptoms such as hand tremors and anxiety. Others might not be able to stop drinking safely without someone to help them manage their withdrawal symptoms. You know yourself and your body, and it is often best to remove yourself temporarily from your current living situation just to eliminate the temptation to pick up a bottle. The good news is that an alcohol addiction treatment will feel like a resort in many ways. This is due to the many amenities that are offered to you when you choose to start your recovery journey in a program that offers professional support. A few of the services that you can expect to find include the following that are often found at resorts.

  • Access to nutritious and delicious meals prepared by professional chefs
  • Lodging accommodations that include private rooms and baths
  • Opportunities to enjoy recreational activities such as swimming and strength training
  • Activities such as yoga and meditation training that help you relax
  • A caring and compassionate staff that is dedicated to helping you feel comfortable

In addition to being an alcohol-free environment, there is one other major difference between an addiction treatment center and a resort. At a resort, you are typically on your own to work through any personal reasons for your stay. At an addiction treatment center, you are never left to figure things out for yourself. Instead, your daily schedule will be filled with opportunities to dive deeper into the underlying causes for your addiction. You’ll work with a counselor during one-on-one sessions to figure out what makes you need to drink too much. They can help you deal with everything from childhood trauma to adult-onset depression. You’ll also interact more with the other people at the center than you might at a resort. There, you’ll meet new friends who have all experienced similar struggles with alcohol. Being able to talk to them as you participate in group counseling sessions and recreational activities gives you new insights into how you can stay sober.

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