Why Is a Drug Treatment Center in Houston a Good Place to Seek Addiction and Depression Treatment?

Drug and substance abuse has been a major problem facing Americans across all age groups. With the problem getting out of control, drug rehabs in Houston, Texas, have taken up the responsibility to offer treatment through outpatient and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs. With the help of dedicated addiction treatment professionals and therapists, these institutions have helped thousands of patients recover from alcoholism and addiction to hard substances.

Addiction Treatment Programs

From detox to outpatient, inpatient, and aftercare programs, our staff is dedicated to helping you or your loved ones overcome addiction. For those who need residential care, our inpatient program offers a supportive and structured setting that is conducive to complete recovery. For those who have completed an inpatient program, intensive outpatient care is a crucial step-down program to help you remain sober in the long run. In all our programs, patients get to benefit from several therapeutic programs that incorporate the 12-step principles. Our medical and therapy professionals are adequately trained to help you overcome the underlying issues that trigger your substance abuse, such as trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, or any other mental health condition. We apply structured programs with evidence-based models, 12-step principles, and we always remember to keep a track record of your journey.

Benefits of Seeking Help in Drug Treatment Center in Houston

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse, seeking help in the right place is the first step towards recovery. Here are some of the benefits you or your loved one will reap from participating in our addiction treatment programs.

Professionally Trained Addiction Experts

We work with board-certified and licensed nurses, psychiatrists, clinicians, and other addiction treatment professionals to guide you through the journey of recovery. Our personnel also include counselors trained in specialized therapy treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to treat addiction, underlying, and co-occurring disorders such as eating disorders and mood disorders.

Individual and Group Therapy

Patients receive face-to-face counseling with professional psychiatrists and participate in various group therapy sessions. During group therapy, issues such as relapse prevention, spirituality, and 12-steps are addressed. We also offer family therapy where need be.

Empowering Recovery Approaches

All our treatment and therapy programs are grounded around positive psychology. The professional caregivers will help you realize your strengths and guide you on how to draw from them for complete recovery.

Motivational Interviewing

Traditionally, we have witnessed a doctor-to-patient scene in therapy, but this has been phased out with time. Motivational interviewing is a collaborative and therapeutic technique that includes the patients in decision making. You are given a chance to contribute to your recovery and draw upon your wisdom and strength for goal setting, decision making, and motivation for change.

Recovery Skills and Relapse Prevention

After enrolling in our program, you will soon learn that recovery should be an engaging and fun process. To adapt to the new substance-free lifestyle, we encourage our patients to try movies, outings, recreational activities like softball or basketball, or occasional visits to a museum or park. This allows you to experience fun moments when maintaining your sobriety with the guidance of trained professionals.

Holistic Approaches and Expressive Therapies

We will help you uncover underlying issues, address them, and allow you an opportunity to express your feelings and thoughts beyond talk therapy sessions. Approaches such as art and music therapy offer creative techniques to address the issues. Other activities like meditation and yoga are a great way to get out of your head and focus on the body-mind connection, which is an important step of the healing process.

Addiction Education

Throughout your stay at our rehab facility, you will have an opportunity to participate in multiple classes on addiction. You will learn about triggers, effects on body and mind, and how to manage the problem. Just like is the case with all other diseases, the more you learn about the triggers and characteristics of addiction, the better the chances of managing it.

Aftercare Program

Our goal number one is to help you achieve long-term recovery. Along your journey to recovery, you will learn and build healthy coping mechanisms that will replace the previously destructive ones. These skills will help you in life even after completing the rehabilitation program. Our aftercare program equips you with the skills needed for long-term sobriety.

Get Started Today

If your loved one or yourself is struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, here is an opportunity to make the right choice. Get in touch with our staff for guidance on how to commence your recovery journey with us. Call us today at 833-364-0736.