What Is The Longest A Person Can Stay in Treatment?

A person with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances may need to stay in treatment for a long time. The length of time they can participate in treatment depends on the severity of their addiction, how motivated they are, and what type of treatments are available. Some people will be able to complete their rehabilitation after only one month, while others may require six months or more before it is safe for them to go back into society.

The national average for the time a person spends in treatment is between 30 and 90 days, although some facilities will provide up to six months of full-time care. Each facility has its policies as to how long they allow their residents to stay in treatment. The best way to know how long you will be expected to remain at a certain facility is to ask those running it what their policies are.

Several factors determine the length of time that you will be involved in treatment. The first is the severity of your addiction, as those who have been abusing substances or engaging in an addictive behavior for a long period of time will need more treatment than those who have recently become addicted. Many addicts also require further treatment after leaving a facility to help them cope with cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. You may want to ask a counselor how long he thinks it will take for you to overcome your drug or alcohol issues, as many say it takes most people at least 12 months before they can claim victory over addiction.

Another factor determining the length of time required for rehab is whether or not you are motivated to stay sober. Those willing to do whatever is necessary to stay clean and avoid relapse will be able to leave treatment much earlier than those who have no desire to kick their habits. Those individuals can spend years in rehab before they finally give up on becoming sober.

If you need a longer period of time to overcome your addiction, then you should consider a facility that provides long-term care. Such facilities provide treatment for six months or longer. They also include aftercare services so that clients can build a support network in their community when they have completed rehab. To find out which treatment centers provide this type of service, ask them what they offer following the standard 30-day program. This way, you will know if they can help you achieve your sobriety goals.

The length of time required in treatment also depends on the type of programs offered at a facility. Some facilities only offer detox, while others provide short-term residential care or long-term inpatient care. Some people will have to attend aftercare services when they leave rehab to avoid relapse and maintain their new sober living routines. This is why you need to ask what sort of continuing care options are available and how each one of them will benefit your recovery process.

Research indicates that patients who participate in longer treatment programs tend to do better than those who complete shorter ones because they become more invested in their therapy sessions and stay motivated throughout the entire program. Those individuals usually go back to using drugs and alcohol less frequently than those who complete shorter programs.

The time required in treatment also depends on your age, gender, and which substances you have been abusing. Older individuals tend to need more rehabilitation because they use drugs or abuse alcohol for a longer period. Those who are female generally require a shorter term of treatment, as women become addicted quicker than men do. Finally, those who abuse stimulants such as cocaine usually require fewer sessions because this drug does not impact the body as much as opiates do.

You must ask those running a facility about these factors so that you will know how long they expect you to remain at their center before returning to society after rehab is finished. Asking such questions will not only help you determine which rehab center to choose, but it will also provide you with information that may improve your chances of succeeding in treatment and getting clean once and for all.

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