What Differentiates Christian Recovery Centers from Other Rehabs?

Searching for an addiction treatment program often leads to the discovery that there are many options that are tailored to fit anyone’s needs. In addition to general programs, you’ll also find ones that focus on providing treatment that is based upon people’s faith or religious beliefs. Christian recovery centers offer similar types of treatment as other programs. You can expect to receive intensive counseling that helps you identify and cope with your reasons for developing an addiction.

On top of all of that, a Christian program is based upon faith-based principles that can resonate with you on a spiritual level. When you are wondering what differentiates Christian recovery centers from rehabs, it helps to start out by looking at what makes them the same. A faith-based treatment center typically offers research-driven therapy services that are designed to help you get sober. You may receive cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy from your counselors. You’ll also likely participate in both group and individual counseling sessions that help you delve deeper into your mental health needs.

In a Christian recovery center, you’ll find people from all walks of life just like you would in any other treatment program. Since Christianity encompasses several different types of religions, you’ll find that people come into the center with a wide variety of belief systems that all uphold the golden rule of being kind to others. Throughout your stay, you can expect to receive nutritious meals that help to rebuild your physical body while you work on your spiritual self. There will also be a wealth of wholesome activities that you can get involved in as you begin to find new interests and renew former ones.

Find Strength for Your Recovery With Faith-Based Treatment

While most of the components will seem much like other types of rehab, a Christian recovery center takes things a step further by offering services that are based upon Biblical principles. The rehab that you choose may include some or all of the following.

  • Bible study sessions
  • Daily prayers
  • Christian counseling
  • Scripture readings
  • Group worship services

Some of the basic tenants of Christianity are helpful for people who are recovering from addiction. Forgiveness is a large part of the Christian faith, and it helps to be reminded that anyone can be forgiven for their actions. After dealing with addiction for some time, you might be struggling with feelings of guilt that make it harder to move forward. This can lead to shame, which is a strong emotion that impacts your addiction recovery. Some of your counseling sessions will focus on learning how to practice forgiveness for yourself and others.

Christian rehab is also filled with people who practice compassion and empathy. Another tenant of the Christian faith is to accept people without judgment because no one is perfect. You’ll find that staying in this type of rehab is comforting, and you’ll be able to talk about your issues without feeling like someone is judging what you have to say. Being surrounded by caring support that you can feel is critical for helping you to get through your first days of recovery. Faith-based counseling is another benefit that you’ll enjoy by going to a Christian rehab. Having someone who can talk to you about your addiction using language that reflects your beliefs makes it easier to apply what you learn to your life.

If you are new to Christianity or even a non-Christian, then talking to someone from this angle can expand your mind and help you find new strategies and beliefs that help you move forward in sobriety. Keep in mind that Christian recovery centers never force a specific set of beliefs on anyone. Instead, you are invited to share in activities such as worship services and prayers as an option for enhancing your healing. Overall, the general view is that you can strengthen your resolve to stay sober by focusing on rebuilding your spiritual self. Since addiction recovery is a journey that you’ll eventually take outside of the rehab center, it is important to soak up as much knowledge as you can while you are there. All of the Christian principles that you learn about addiction recovery transfer easily to your life in the real world when you are ready to go home. Are you curious about how a Christian recovery center can transform your mental health? Give us a call at 833-364-0736 today, and we’ll help you find a program that nurtures your spirituality.