I Don’t Think I’m An Alcoholic, I Just Drink Because I’m Stressed All The Time

Is every drinker an alcoholic? No. Of course not. This question is ridiculous, and no one should even need to consider the idea, right? If you are asking this question, it might be worth considering that you or someone close to you has a problem with alcohol abuse. Drinking alcohol when you are stressed could be an indication of a problem. Let’s look at some signs of alcoholism and see if they match up with your drinking habits.

What does drinking alcohol when stressed mean?

Some people have a drink when they are stressed. It is a way to unwind or feel more comfortable in social situations. We all know that drinking is the common solution to what some would consider problems with stress, depression and anxiety. However, compulsive alcoholics will turn to drink every time something bothers them. This means if you have a drink when you are stressed, it could indicate a problem with alcoholism in your life.

What does drinking alcohol excessively mean?

Excessive drinking is when someone drinks far too much on a single occasion from habit or compulsion. The alcoholic will do this repeatedly because it increases their tolerance for alcohol over time and creates dependence on the substance for feelings of well-being. Drinking alcohol excessively is usually done without planning it and often leads to destructive acts such as fights or accidents. It can also lead to physical health problems like liver damage, kidney failure and depression.

What makes you an alcoholic?

Being an alcoholic means you are physically and mentally dependent on alcohol and will need to take it every day just to sustain your life. An alcoholic has a daily urge for alcohol, despite its negative consequences in your health, social or professional life. Alcoholics have an uncontrollable desire for more alcohol even though they know the harm it can cause them. If you suspect you are an alcoholic, there is help out there for you. Just ask yourself, how much do I drink when I’m stressed? If the answer is that you always want a drink when stressed, then maybe it’s time to get some help.

What are the common signs of alcoholism?

Signs of alcoholism include:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Excess weight gain due to a change in diet
  • Spending more time drinking or alone when you have always been social.
  • You can also show signs of alcoholism if you regularly need a drink first thing in the morning. Another sign is not remembering large parts of your life because of how much alcohol you have consumed over time. Other signs include being unable to stop drinking when you want to and hiding or lying about your alcohol consumption from others around you.

Many other signs go along with alcoholism, and it’s important for anyone who suspects they might be an alcoholic because it could lead to a long-term addiction where family and friends may not even notice it going on until it’s too late.

Can you become addicted to alcohol if you drink it when stressed?

Yes, alcohol can be extremely addictive for anyone who drinks it compulsively. Some studies show even small doses of alcohol affect the brain’s production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in the nervous system that creates feelings of pleasure and happiness from drinking alcohol excessively. Your body gets used to these high dopamine levels over time, which means you need larger amounts or more often to get those happy feelings back again. This leads to alcoholism because your body needs more and more of the substance to feel normal, leading to cravings all day long. Eventually, rationality goes out the window, and the alcoholic will drink until they fall asleep, even if they have an early morning start. Excessive drinking can also lead to memory loss over time. This is due to the toxins in the alcohol that destroy brain cells with repeated consumption, which is why it’s important to avoid drinking too much whenever possible. It is possible for alcoholism to be beaten, but most people cannot do this on their own without any help or support.

Alcoholics Anonymous has helped many people recover from their addiction, and there are groups all over the world where you can regularly attend at set times each week. It’s important for anyone who suspects they might have a problem with alcohol consumption because it could lead to long-term health problems and destroy relationships with those around them. If you think you’re an alcoholic, don’t hesitate and get help now before it’s too late. Call us today at 833-364-0736 and get started on your journey to beat alcoholism!