Are Success Rates In Rehab Centers Better Or Worse Than AA?

If you are wondering are success rates in rehab centers better or worse than AA, they are. Rehab centers offer a safe and comfortable place to recover over a certain period of time and also help with after treatment plans to make it easy to return to your normal life after treatment. AA services are tailored around a universal 12-step program and meetings are held regularly, but without the constant supervision and customized care that people receive in an in-patient center. When you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, a rehab center can give you a healthy and structured place to recover. You can give yourself a good shot at overcoming your addiction by choosing a professional treatment center that can offer personalized care that you can count on throughout your recovery process.

Benefits of a Rehab Center:

  • Safe supervision while you are going through the detoxification process
  • Caring and supportive staff members available at all times
  • Can help you safely learn how to overcome your addictions and learn new coping mechanisms before you return to places or people that might be triggers to your addictive behavior

When you decide to go to a rehab center, you are fully committed to changing your life for the better. While it may be easy to slip back into your old habits if you are just going to an AA meeting near your home for a few hours a week, you will not have to worry about slipping back into your old ways before you are completely detoxed if you go to a rehab. You will have around-the-clock care that can help you to safely get over the withdrawal process. Then you can go through counseling without any outside interference. In an in-patient rehab, you can relax and focus on overcoming your addiction without being pressured by outside forces to go back to your old lifestyle. You can work hard to overcome your addiction and learn new habits that will increase your changes of staying sober after you have returned home.

Are Success Rates In Rehab Centers Better Or Worse Than AA?

Success rates are going to be higher in rehab centers because of the personalized care that you will receive. There is no perfect treatment that will work for everyone. It is important to take into consideration the history of a person, the type of addiction that he or she is dealing with, and much more. By getting to know the individual person before treatment, a customized plan can be made that will work for the individual. The best treatment is one that will work best for your unique needs.

A rehab center can provide a safe space for you to detox and learn how to find new ways to handle stress, peer pressure, and more. You can focus on reaching new goals so that you can avoid sinking back into your addiction after you leave the facility. There will be many ways for you to safely overcome your addiction so that you can live a fulfilling life that does not revolve around substance abuse. You can learn to focus on important parts of your life such as your job, family, and friends without needing to indulge in alcohol or drugs. Instead of having to just go to short meetings every week, you can have around the clock care. This type of care can give you the fundamental tools that you need to recover from your addiction. When you are ready to return to your normal environment, you can have the strength and willpower needed to overcome any triggers that you might have to face. By getting professional help from a rehab center, you can know that you are not alone. There are many other people facing addictions like yours, and you can stop drinking or doing drugs with the help of caring professionals who will be there for you every step of the way.

Getting help is the first step to regaining control of your life. There are many benefits to choosing a rehab center over going to routine AA meetings. When you are ready to get started on a customized recovery plan that can work around your needs, we are here to help you. Call us today at 833-364-0736 to get started.