How To Stop Drinking Altogether?

When you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you are probably wondering what you can do to get clean and sober. Good for you! There are many tricks and tips that will help you stop drinking altogether, which will be outlined below. We do have to say that it is important to get help from a reliable rehab center if your drinking is out of control or if you know that you will go through serious withdrawals. But before we get to that, check out these tips that can help out when you decide that you want to quit drinking on your own.

1. Start cutting back as much as possible

If you have been drinking heavily or for many years, you never want to go cold turkey without professional medical intervention. That’s because alcohol withdrawals will be very dangerous, even life-threatening, if you stop all at once. Instead, start cutting back on your drinking slowly but surely. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider the times you drink and why. Can you stop drinking during the week and only imbibe on the weekends for now? Can you cut down on the number of drinks you have each time you are in the mood for alcohol? Slowly cut back on when you drink and how much you consume. This will make the withdrawals easier when it comes time to quit altogether.

2. Set goals that are achievable

When you are used to drinking every day or have been drinking for years, you don’t want to say that you will never drink again-yet. If you want to be successful, set small goals for yourself that are easier to stick to. For example, instead of saying you aren’t going to drink for a month, start with a goal of one week. Instead of deciding to drink nothing but water after a long day, set a goal of one drink per night. Write down your goals when you decide what you want to do. That way, it will be that much easier to check back and hold yourself accountable. Once you start achieving your goals and have found that they have become easier, then you can work towards the ultimate goal of zero alcoholic drinks in your life.

3. Think of why you need to stop drinking

Any therapist or counselor will tell you that you have to stop drinking for yourself. Sobriety only works when YOU are ready to become sober! However, it doesn’t hurt to look at other reasons why you need to quit alcohol. There are probably quite a few of them! Your alcohol abuse is likely affecting your relationships, your health, your job, and your bank account. Write down these reasons along with your goals to give you more motivation to quit. Look at them every day, multiple times if you have to! Keeping these reminders at the front of your mind will remind you why it is so important to stop drinking altogether.

4. Know what triggers you to drink

While many people drink because they simply enjoy the taste of a certain alcoholic beverage, most addicts use alcohol as a crutch. To help tackle this issue, consider what triggers your alcohol use. For example, being around friends or family may make you want to drink. Stress and depression are two major factors when it comes to alcoholism. Mental health conditions, such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression can all contribute to alcohol use. When you recognize why you want to drink you can then come up with a plan for those specific situations. Removing alcohol from your environment should always be the first step. Don’t purchase alcoholic beverages for your home, and say no to social situations where alcohol will be readily available.

5. Seek out professional help

Remember, you never have to tackle your alcoholism alone. In fact, seeking professional help will have you on the road to sobriety that much faster. A reliable rehab facility will help you with this decision if you are not sure where to start. If your alcohol addiction is severe, then you will want to check yourself into an inpatient or residential treatment center. You’ll receive medically-monitored detox services that will help you detox so much easier than if you went at it alone.

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