How long does drug rehab take?

As you endure struggles related to your substance abuse disorder, you need to start thinking about removing yourself from the cycle of addiction. If you don’t, you can fully expect things to get worse in your life. Eventually, your addiction might lead you to the doorsteps of your mortality.

We encourage you to seek help now. If you have any concerns about the addiction treatment process, we are here to address your concerns. Yes, it is reasonable for you to have concerns over that which you have not yet experienced. Regardless of your concerns, there is only one path back to sanity and that would be through the front door of a quality rehab like ours.

One concern you might have is the length of time it would take you to successfully complete treatment. Right now, your mindset should be focused on getting help no matter how long it takes. The right answer is it will take as long as it needs to take. With that said, we feel obligated to give you some kind of idea of what to expect as far as the treatment process and how long it will realistically take.

First, the minimum amount of time you would need to commit to treatment would be about 30 days. If it takes longer than that, it would be because of the depth of your addiction. As a point of reference, the entire treatment process would likely depend on several factors, including:

  • The length of time you have been abusing your substance of choice
  • The substance or substances you have been abusing
  • The amount of drugs or alcohol that you consume in a day
  • The frequency of your substance abuse
  • Any extenuating circumstances that might be playing a role in your addictive behavior

Based on this kind of information, the rehab’s administrative staff would chart a course of treatment for you. From there, it would just be a matter of how well your progress through the treatment process. The better you do, the faster you get out of rehab.

About the Treatment Process

Assuming you have a rather significant addiction issue, you would most likely start treatment in a detox program. Under normal circumstances, it would take you around a week to detox, a process by which you would have to deal with any withdrawal symptoms that might come your way. A good detox program will keep you safe while your mind and body adjust to life without your substance of choice.

After completing your detox program, you would enter the therapy phase of the treatment process. This would be the time you would spend working with a therapist on the issues that likely drove you into the arms of substance abuse. Yes, there are very likely underlying issues that made you believe substance abuse was your best coping alternative. As you probably know by now, it was not the best decision you ever made.

Once you start therapy, you would be at the mercy of your progress. If you want to speed the process up, you can start by committing to being open and honest with your therapist. The sooner you can dig out the issues, the sooner you can deal with them.

If you do well in therapy, it is reasonable to expect you can complete treatment within 30 days. With that said, you should prepare to invest as much time as you might need to build a strong foundation of recovery. Any haste during the treatment process could quickly turn into a lifetime of relapses.

To ensure you get all you can from treatment, allow the process to guide you without having to worry about time. If you have a significant addiction issue, you might need to stay in rehab for upwards of 90 days. That will be for you and your therapist to decide. Your job will be to let the therapist watch the clock while you learn to cope better with the triggers that have been causing you to hurt yourself with drugs and or alcohol.

When you are ready to seek help, we want you to give us a call at 833-364-0736. One of our representatives would be glad to tell you about our treatment programs and the facility. When you report for treatment, do so without any expectations about how much time you will spend in rehab. That will be decided for you based on the amount of commitment you give to the process.