How Does Outpatient Drug Treatment Work?

When you are dealing with addiction, whether your own or someone you care about, life can be confusing and frustrating. You’re thinking about getting help for your addiction, but you don’t know where or how to start. You do know that there are a few different types of treatment centers available for alcoholics and addicts, but you don’t understand the difference between them all. Do you have to commit to months of rehab? Is there a better way? How does outpatient drug treatment work? We’re here to help you answer your questions as well as we can. Keep on reading for more!

The Different Facilities to Choose From

When you know it’s time to go into rehab, you will have a few different options to consider. They include inpatient, residential, and outpatient rehab. Let’s break each one down a bit further.

Inpatient- Inpatient treatment is typically used for those who have a more severe addiction and need hospitalization. You’ll be given a room in a hospital or hospital-like setting to detox from drugs or alcohol. Some patients stay in an inpatient treatment until they are in the safe zone of detox. From there, they move onto residential or outpatient rehab.

Residential- Residential treatment is often the kind that people think when they hear rehab. This type of rehab provides everything an addict needs to get better, from detox services to therapy sessions to holistic activities. You’ll be given a room and bed if you decide to stay in a residential center. Programs can last for a couple of weeks to a few months.

Outpatient-Outpatient treatment is a good choice for someone who cannot take time away from work, school, or family responsibilities. When you choose outpatient services, you will pick the days and times you attend rehab. You do not stay overnight in this type of center.

How Outpatient Treatment Works

When you decide that this type of treatment is the right one for your situation, you’ll first have to figure out how you will be paying for it. If you have health insurance, talk to a representative of your company to find out if they cover some or all of the services. Many patients find that their policy does cover more outpatient services than inpatient, so make sure that you use it to pay for your therapy sessions if you can.

You’ll be able to pick the times and days that work best for you before you begin. Most outpatient centers try their best to revolve around the schedules of their clients, not the other way around. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends- many centers offer therapy sessions for all of these times. You can choose to go when you want and for how long. You do not stay at the rehab facility overnight.

You’ll have the chance to undergo private and group therapy sessions while you attend outpatient rehab. Many also offer family therapy sessions for their clients. Since each center is different, do your research before beginning a program. Find one that will easily cater to your specific needs and the lifestyle you are living right now.

Many outpatient centers hold 12-step meetings in addition to their programs. You will be encouraged to attend as many of these as you can while you are in the program. Some will also help you find additional 12-step meetings you can join once you are through with outpatient services.

Why Some People Choose Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is often recommended for patients who do not have as serious of an addiction as others. Just remember, you may or may not have access to a detox program if you choose an outpatient center. Others decide to try this program because they are not able to take the time to attend rehab day and night for weeks at a time. It can give you a chance to work around your busy schedule if you aren’t able to take off the time that you would need if you went to a residential program.

Additionally, many patients have already done a stay in a residential facility before checking into an outpatient clinic. Some decide that it is a better option if they have relapsed, especially more than once.

We’re Here When You Need Help

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