How Does Pregnancy Impact the Addiction Treatment Resources Available to You?

If you are focusing on this information, it would seem that you might be in a very difficult situation. From our standpoint, you have our sympathy because we know you have a difficult road to travel. The good news is you are showing an interest in doing something about your situation. If it was the realization that you are pregnant is what has motivated you to contemplate not using drugs or alcohol anymore, we can assure you that you would be making the right decision.

The fact that you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol would indicate you have some awareness about how hard substances can be on your physical body. Now, you have responsibility for another life. If you think drugs and alcohol are taking a toll on you, try to imagine what your addictive behavior is doing to your unborn child. No one is looking to chastise or scrutinize you. We are a community of addiction treatment professionals who know you are caught in the throes of a disease. It stopped being something for which you are responsible the moment your substance abuse became an addiction illness.

With you, our concern is for you and the welfare of your unborn child. Surely, you are contemplating going into treatment. It would be reasonable for you to wonder if your pregnancy will affect your ability to get the help you need. Right away, we would like to put your mind at ease. There are plenty of addiction treatment resources available for women who are with child. While you could get treatment in a public addiction treatment center that accepts all comers, that might not be your best option. For the sake of you and your unborn child, you would likely fare much better in a treatment program that is specially designed for pregnant women.

Yes, there are programs throughout the nation that cater to pregnant women. This is not an unusual situation. Very few if any top rehab centers can lay claim to never providing treatment for a woman who was with child. From our perspective, you getting help now is of double importance. Why? You are now living and breathing for two people, and that matters. In the next section, we will discuss how addiction treatment programs can be altered to provide a safe treatment environment for pregnant women.

Addiction Treatment Programs for Pregnant Women

First and foremost, we do recognize there are different stages of pregnancy. The sooner you can get treatment, the better it will be for the welfare of you and your baby.

By way of letting you know how addiction treatment programs can be modified for pregnant clients, here are a few things that such a program might include:

  • Drug free detox program
  • Focus on nutrition and exercise
  • Access to Obstetric and pediatric care
  • Parenting classes and workshops
  • Relapse prevention and aftercare programs

These are all programs and options you can take advantage of to help you prepare for being a mother. Of course, the most important thing you will need to do in rehab is work on getting yourself firmly on the road to recovery. Most of your efforts will need to be expended in individual therapy. This would be your time to work one on one with a therapist who would guide you down the road of recovery. For the sake of you and your future child, you would want to give your best effort during therapy. That means being open and honest about the circumstances surrounding your addiction.

With the right attitude and hard work, you will likely be able to identify the root causes of your addiction. That would give you the basis for figuring out how to better cope with the triggers that cause you to pop a pill or take a drink. Ultimately, you are soon to be a mother, and your child will need you. Nowhere in your future will there be room for a lifetime of chronic relapses.

By now, you should know that pregnancy and addiction don’t mix. You need to arrest your addiction illness before you put the lives of two people in jeopardy. That is something with which we would be glad to help you. If you have any questions, you can call our facility at 833-364-0736. During that conversation, that would be the right time to let us know you are with child and need to get help as soon as possible.