Can I Go To Detox In One Place And Then Treatment In Another?

If you are struggling with addiction and detox, there is plenty of help available for you. But first, it’s important to remember that even if someone has completed a course of detoxification (detox), they still need to continue in some treatment program or follow-up care option to address the underlying issues behind their addiction. Because of this, it’s widespread for people who have completed detox to travel to the treatment center of their choice to carry on with more intensive addiction recovery services.

However, a detox process should always be done under medical supervision to ensure the safety of an individual who is not 100% sure about the consequences of suddenly stopping his addiction. Also, suppose one has already experienced withdrawal problems or uncomfortable symptoms when giving up drugs or alcohol before. In that case, it is wise to consider a professional detox that ensures a smooth and safe process. In this way, the patient can be sure that the withdrawal symptoms will not appear on time, and he will have someone to count on.

An Extenuating Circumstance

The only way someone would be unable to go directly from detox into another form of care is if some extenuating circumstances prevent them from doing so. For example, if you are arranged into detox that requires inpatient treatment, the only way to travel to another place for addiction recovery is to enter an outpatient program.

When one is involved in Crime

Another example is when someone enters a detox program after committing some crime, such as theft or burglary. In this case, they may have to go back to jail or, at the very least, to court to account for their actions. It is implausible that someone under these circumstances will be allowed to travel from detox directly into another form of addiction care; they most likely would have to wait until their court hearing and sentencing before continuing with addiction recovery services.

Differing Insurance Policy

In some cases, a patient’s insurance policies will dictate where they can go from detox. For example, suppose a person has private health coverage that is managed by a third-party company. In that case, they would most likely have to continue care at the same treatment center as their detox facility unless they can make changes with their insurance carrier. This would only be possible if the treatment center they are currently seeing is willing to work with them, which is rather unlikely.

Underlying Medical Conditions

In some cases, however, it is possible to go through a detox program first and then move on to live in a rehab center for treatment purposes. One example is when an individual is already undergoing a detox program for medical reasons. For example, people with chronic diseases requiring drug therapy may need to undergo a medically supervised detox to ensure the safe removal of the drugs from their bodies before they continue with treatment at specialized centers.

No Alternative Plan

A person can also go directly to treatment if he does not have other options, if the rehab center that offers the treatment plan he needs is already full or if his insurance company covers all expenses upfront. Regardless of this case, it is imperative to always go through a detox process before moving on with any addiction treatment, medical or psychological.

The best advice for anyone thinking about undergoing detox for addiction is to thoroughly research all of the options available to them to figure out what would be most beneficial for their personal needs. This should include checking into insurance policies and looking into what kind of funding they might qualify for that will allow them to continue with addiction recovery services.

We’re not sure, but it’s possible. Detox is the first step in addiction treatment and will often happen before you get into rehab or therapy. Some people find that they can’t detox without their drug of choice because of withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, nausea, headaches, etc., so this isn’t an option for everyone. If you want to go through with a detox program at one facility while getting treatment elsewhere (or vice versa), make sure your care plan includes both parts-detox and post-treatment care. Make sure there are no gaps between them! Call us at 833-364-0736.