What if drug rehab doesn’t work?

One of the most common issues that people will inquire about is the effectiveness of our drug rehab program. We’ll address this concern, so you can move forward and make the best decision possible. Many of our clients have been through one or more addiction treatment programs and have had varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer to this dilemma, but rather a series of questions can help determine if the client was adequately prepared for success. Our intake team provides an assessment to determine the individual’s needs while also addressing their goals. Choosing the best drug rehab program is critical for success. We’ll provide you with some guidance to help facilitate an understanding of how the process unfolds and what it entails.

Are You Ready for a Drug Treatment Program?

The willingness to enter a drug rehab program is a huge component that can affect the success of the individual in recovery. Often times, when a client is forced into rehab, they’re resentful from the start. While even these individuals can benefit from a recovery program, a desire to stop drinking and using is important for the client to achieve long-term success. An intervention can be an effective tool to lead one to recovery, but again, success depends on a willful effort, by the individual, to achieve the desired outcome.

Was the Program Appropriate for the Patient’s Needs?

Finding the right facility is important for recovery. If a program doesn’t offer the resources that the patient needs, then a full recovery is unlikely. You may want to ask your counselor about aspects of the program like:

  • Detox services
  • Recreational activities
  • Aftercare support
  • Dual-diagnoses services and more

While this list just scratches the surface of a patient’s needs, it’s important that you have an idea of what you require from the program and their expectations of you.

Did You Have Adequate Time in Your Recovery Program?

Many programs offer services that are aligned with court program requirements and insurance coverage benefits. While they certainly can have some benefit, the chances at success are diminished if the individual needs additional time in a program. Someone struggling with alcoholism and addiction usually took far more time to get to where they are than the length of the recovery program. Opting into a one-month or smaller commitment to sobriety can lead an addict back to their old habits, quickly.

Did You Have the Right Support and an Aftercare Plan?

Many addicts and alcoholics develop depression and a variety of other mental health concerns while using, and some use to self-medicate their pre-existing condition. In this case, you’d most likely need support for mental health issues through psychiatric care and counseling. Nearly all clients will need some form of support while in a program and well after the program for lasting success. If the client doesn’t have access to these resources or fails to utilize them, it can lead to a quick relapse. Another common concern regards housing after recovery. It’s often essential that the addict or alcoholic not return to places that they associate with using and that could even be their place of employment. Our team can provide you with adequate resources, and we’ll support you through every step in recovery.

Did You Participate in the Program?

Many clients enter a program feeling that they really don’t want to participate or hold back from taking advantage of activities. Participation is important because you’ll need to learn how to live without depending on drugs and alcohol. Nearly everyone will face a social situation that they’ll feel challenged within, and being able to handle the matter without turning back to old habits is a valuable tool that you’ll find yourself using on a regular basis. Many of our clients discovered that they benefited greatly from our group activities and still use the social skills and coping mechanisms they’ve gained in everyday life.

Is it Time for a Change?

If you or your loved one feel that it’s time to make a beneficial change that can last forever, then we’re happy to get you started on a new path to a better life. We offer individualized plans and attention, so you’ll never feel alone or lost with our caring team. All it takes is picking up the phone and reaching out to one of our program specialists, today at 833-364-0736.