What are Nearby Treatment Options for Drug Addiction?

After decades and decades of addiction problems in America, one would assume that most Americans would have an awareness about the addiction treatment community. The reality is something very different. The truth is no one really thinks about drug and alcohol addiction treatment until an addiction encroaches on their life or the life of a loved one.

It’s a treatment service no one considers until they need it. When that happens, they are more than a handful of people who become intimidated by the thought of going into rehab. What we have found through our years of treating addiction issues is people are much more willing to pursue treatment when they understand the process and their treatment options.

It’s important to remember that most people think of treatment only in terms of residential treatment. It is simply amazing how many people aren’t aware of the outpatient treatment options that are usually available. In the section below, we want to take a look at the addiction options that are likely available in your area. We offer you this information as a way to set your mind at ease and to perhaps motivate you to finally get the treatment you need.

What are Nearby Treatment Options for Drug Addiction

When you finally make the decision to fight back against your addiction, you will have treatment options from which to choose. Assuming you have access to a top full-service rehab center like ours, it would be fair to assume you will have a choice between residential and outpatient care. Of course, this is not a decision you should be making on your own. It’s incumbent on the rehab facility staff members to help access your situation and recommend the right approach to treatment.

In many cases, perhaps even yours, residential treatment is usually the best option. It provides addiction sufferers with the structure they need to stay away from drugs and alcohol while getting treatment. Prior to starting any treatment program in earnest, you might well need to go through a detox program. That would afford you the opportunity to endure your withdrawal symptoms with plenty of protections in place. Then it would off to therapy where you would start taking a serious look at why you feel the need to hide your life in a world of drugs or alcohol.

With the right focus, honesty, and effort, you can learn the truth. From there, you can start developing the coping skills to better manage your triggers and any temptation that might come your way. If for any reason the residential treatment option doesn’t meet your needs, you could then look at one of several outpatient options. Here are the outpatient options (with time requirements) you would be most likely to encounter:

  • General Outpatient or OP: one or two days a week for a couple of hours each day
  • Intensive Outpatient or IOP: three to five days a week in therapy for as long as six hours a day
  • Partial Hospitalization or PHP: could be six or seven days a week for as much as eight hours of treatment every day

If you were to choose one of these outpatient options, most of your time in treatment would be spent on individual therapy. After a long day in treatment, you would be able to return home and attend to your personal responsibilities. To be clear, the outpatient option still comes with safeguards in place to make sure you work the program. The safeguards come in the form of rules you must follow. The most common rules include:

  • Staying completely away from alcohol and drugs short of having to take medicine on a doctor’s orders
  • Having a willingness to submit to drug testing randomly or every time you went in for treatment
  • Making sure to show up for every single appointment on time
  • Keeping a progress trajectory that keeps pointing upwards

You now have a better awareness of the treatment options that should be available to you in your area. As an alternative, you could always reach out to us for help. No matter where you live, we will do our very best to find a place for you in one of our treatment programs. If you are ready for our help, here is what you need to do. Please pick up the phone and call one of our representatives now for information about our treatment services. Call 833-364-0736.