Is Men’s Rehab a Safe Place to Explore Trauma and Depression?

For many drug addicts and alcoholics, their substance abuse problems stem from a desire to escape the feelings produced by depression, anxiety, and traumatic experiences. In the beginning, they start using drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medicating. As time goes on and they develop a tolerance to the effects of those substances, they end up increasing dosage sizes, and that’s what leads to the cycle of addiction. When an individual in that type of situation is ready to go to rehab to get help, they may still be suffering from depression or trauma. In that case, treating the addiction without treating those underlying problems will raise the risks of a relapse. Once they leave the treatment center, they’re still faced with the trauma and depression. As a result, they will look for ways to cope with the stress and negative feelings associated with the trauma and depression. Ultimately, this will lead them to a relapse because they know drugs or alcohol will help numb those feelings.

Fortunately, the caregivers working in a men’s rehab center will understand how this cycle affects recovery. This is why the intake process at a rehab treatment center includes a psychological evaluation. When trauma, depression, and other emotional health problems can be identified early, a recovery program can be personalized to ensure the recovering addict also receives treatment for their emotional health problems. In treating these co-occurring conditions together, the recovering addict will have a lower chance of a relapse upon leaving the facility. During the treatment process, recovering addicts are taught healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with depression and trauma. Additionally, they can continue any counseling they started in rehab as they return to their normal lives. If medication is necessary to treat depression or trauma, the doses are strictly controlled by the therapist, allowing the recovering addict to benefit from the treatment without running the risk of returning to old substance abuse habits. In this way, their continued recovery is safer from the danger of relapse without denying them the best treatment options for their mental health conditions.

Is it Safe to Discuss Trauma and Depression in a Men’s Rehab Facility?

Another concern that affects men entering a residential rehab program is their capability to open up about their past traumatic experiences. Even talking about depressive episodes is frowned upon in normal society since men are typically discouraged from sharing their feelings in public. While society is gradually eliminating the stigma around these topics, mental health doesn’t carry the same stigma in a men’s rehab facility. It’s important to remember that everyone is there for the same reasons and that there are probably several other men experiencing similar struggles with trauma and depression. This is one of the reasons peer group meetings are so successful. Everyone abides by the same rules to keep group conversations private and to respect one another’s feelings. Attending a group counseling session is intended to be a safe space where you can talk freely. You’ll also participate in one on one counseling sessions with a therapist, which allows you to share more personal thoughts. Each of the different types of therapy offered in rehab are designed to encourage you to discuss your feelings freely.

The rules in a men’s rehab facility are designed to protect your privacy, so you won’t have to worry about anything you say being shared publicly. This is why mobile devices, laptop computers, and voice recorders are prohibited in the facility. Some treatment centers do have computers that residents can use for job searches and apartment hunting to plan for their departure from the facility, but there are no personal devices permitted. This ensures group meetings and other conversations can’t be recorded without an individual’s knowledge. While you will likely share a room with another addict, there are also rules governing privacy between roommates. In general, everyone receiving treatment in the facility has the same fears and concerns as you. Once you realize that, you’ll begin to understand that a men’s rehab center is one of the safest places to be. Everyone is in the facility to recover from their addiction and receive treatment for their mental health issues, so no one is in a position to abuse your privacy rights.

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