How To Get Into A Drug Rehab, Like The Next Day Or Same Day?

By the time that you’ve made the decision to go to drug rehab, you may not feel like you have a second to waste. Taking too long to go to rehab could cause you to change your mind, or you may be worried about having an overdose. Figuring out how to get into a drug rehab the next day or same day gives you a great start on getting sober before you get the chance to use again. Addiction treatment programs are typically designed to help people get into the center as soon as possible. The counselors that you will work with understand the importance of acting on your choice to seek help now. While you may occasionally need to wait for a room to open up, you’ll typically find that space is available for you to begin getting treatment immediately. However, you will need to be proactive about contacting a drug rehab center if you want to get in today or tomorrow.

The hardest part about going to rehab is making that call. Once you have someone on the line, they’ll quickly begin to provide you with information about what you need to do to get admitted into the program. You can make the process go faster by taking these simple actions.

  • have your health insurance information on hand, if you have it
  • be prepared to share what drugs you take and how often
  • explain your reasons for needing to get in ASAP such as a recent overdose
  • share any withdrawal symptoms that you might already be experiencing
  • mention if you have any special needs such as assistance with a disability

Drug rehab programs tend to try to speed up the admissions process for people who are at a severe risk of having dangerous withdrawals symptoms. You may also be eligible for a faster admission if you have an unmanaged mental health condition that puts you or other people in harm’s way. Make sure to be open with the people that you talk to about your situation, and be prepared to finish the admissions process once you arrive at the center if they urge you to come as soon as possible.

Start Working On Your Recovery Right Away

During busy times, you may have a short wait to get into your preferred program. Or, you might need to choose a rehab center in a different city or state. While it might feel strange to leave home to go to distant rehab center, you’ll find that receiving prompt treatment is the most important factor for your success. Whether you are going today or later, there are things that you can begin doing right now to help you begin to prepare for drug rehab. Start by focusing on your reasons for wanting to get sober. Did you get in trouble with the law, or are you tired of seeing the damaging effects of drugs on your health? You don’t want to get stuck in a negative loop thinking about all of the bad things that you might have done, but it does help to remember why you don’t want to keep living this way. You can also start talking to your friends and family members. While you are in rehab, you may want to have their support. Depending upon the rehab center’s guidelines, they may be able to visit you, write to you or call regularly to provide you with encouragement. As you speak to your loved ones, this is also a good time to make arrangements for child or pet care while you are away. Once you get your dates for admittance, you might also want to notify your employer or school about your absence.

Getting into a treatment program shouldn’t take too long or be too difficult. In fact, a strong sign that the drug rehab center that you choose is good is their willingness to streamline the process of getting you in. Having support in the first few hours and days of quitting drugs is critical for your success. As soon as you get into treatment, you’ll be surrounded by supportive addiction counselors who can help you to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and give you encouragement to keep going. You’ll also be able to begin counseling right away to start understanding why you’ve developed an addiction. Your counselors will offer you information about how to manage your cravings, and you’ll meet other people who are going through similar situations. Beginning your recovery with a strong support system lowers your risk of having a relapse when you get home.

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