How Successful Is Rehab for Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a disease that can destroy lives. It not only devastates the sufferer, alcoholism is a sickness that bleeds throughout entire families and communities. Alcoholism has troubled humans for centuries.

In the United States, an awareness of the potential destructive nature of alcoholism began early in the 19th century. For nearly 100 years, the country made countless attempts to address the confusing dilemma of alcoholism.

Many were resigned to spending years in mental health asylums. Medical professionals were baffled to find a cure. However, after a failed national experiment to make all forms of intoxicating drink illegal, a new way of treating alcoholism emerged.

From an initial cry for help from a tiny phone booth in Akron, Ohio blossomed an entirely new way to help alcoholics. The method of one alcoholic working with another has grown into a worldwide fellowship.

The original ideas have spawned other methods for helping alcoholics to recover. Treatment programs have grown in popularity. Alcohol rehabs offer an orderly plan involving counseling and therapy to help build a strong foundation for living sober.

Milder cases of alcoholism can be successfully treated with outpatient counseling. The more intense the disease is, the more intense the treatment program needs to be. Some require a period of medically supervised detox.

If you feel you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, you may be considering your options. You may wonder how successful rehabs for alcoholism are. Let’s explore some reasons why alcohol rehabs are successful, and what you can do to improve your chances of living sober.

What are the Odds?

Many who are considering treatment for the first time want to know about the odds of staying sober after treatment. This is a question that is nearly impossible to answer. However, there is information you might do well to think about.

One reason the actual percentages for lifelong sobriety after rehab are hard to pinpoint is the most critical. There is no way to account for those who relapse and never make it back for a second opportunity. It is a sad and sobering truth. Thousands do not take the program seriously.

These poor individuals seem determined to seek an easier and softer way. It is a dangerous path. There are also those who venture into different lifestyles that might not involve rehab or recovery fellowships. There is no predetermined pathway to staying off the booze.

However, there are proven steps and strategies that will raise your odds of living clean and sober dramatically. Since any it’s hard to put an actual number on the odds of an alcohol rehab keeping you sober, let’s talk about what you can do to improve your own odds. This is the most important part of recovery.

How Can You Improve Your Odds?

The statistics that would determine the odds of you staying clean and sober after rehab should never be influenced by what someone else did or did not do. Your chances of avoiding a dangerous relapse will be determined by you.

Certainly, a quality treatment program will provide you with a stronger foundation of knowledge to begin your recovery. However, alcohol rehabs are staffed by licensed professionals. Their job is to provide you with the tools you need to launch a lifetime in recovery.

You can improve your odds of staying sober by dedicating yourself from day one to follow the guidance and suggestions you receive. Your recovery will depend on what you put into it. A good rehab program always helps.

Staying connected to your recovery will help ensure that you keep that recovery as the foremost daily objective in your life. Without sobriety, your life will deteriorate again. It will deteriorate more rapidly than you may ever imagine.

However, when you finish rehab, if you dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to avoid a relapse you can. In the sense that rehabs give you the tools you need to accomplish that goal, then yes, alcohol rehabs are successful.

If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you should seek the advice of a professional addiction specialist. Trying to battle such a cunning and baffling disease will prove impossible. The consequences of failure could be devastating.

Continued alcoholism can cost you your family, your job, basically everything you value. It can also cost you your life. Reach out for help today. Help is available. Speak with a professional. You may benefit from an alcohol rehab. Whatever you do today, make that call for help because tomorrow could be too late. Call us today at 833-364-0736.