How Effective Are Weekend Alcohol Treatment Centers for People Who Can’t Take Time Off Work?

Battling an addiction such as alcoholism can be overwhelming. Many with substance abuse problems try to fix themselves. Unfortunately, the vast majority fail. The problem becomes worse as the consequences grow.

If you’re even considering a treatment program to help you overcome a problem with alcoholism, you’re at the threshold of a new journey. However, there are a variety of treatment programs available. How do you pick the right one, especially if your job is an obstacle?

Even after you’ve chosen a treatment program, how can you best establish a solid foundation to keep you clean and sober? One option that fits many lifestyles, especially those who can’t take time off work, involves using a weekend treatment schedule.

While they are not as structured as an inpatient rehab or intense outpatient treatment program, weekend alcohol treatment centers can be effective. Here are some suggestions to help you enhance the effectiveness of a weekend treatment program if you can’t take time off work.

Commitment and Responsibility

A weekend treatment program is going to put a great deal of information and knowledge in front of you using a very condensed schedule. Frequently, you will spend some portion of your Friday evening and the bulk of your weekend at the treatment center.

You must make the commitment to be on time and to avoid mental distractions. The knowledge you gain from the time spent in a weekend outpatient treatment environment will help build a strong framework for your recovery.

Show up to every session prepared. Pay attention and take notes. When appropriate, ask questions. Stay after to discuss personal problems with counselors and your fellows in recovery. If you’re committed to living clean and sober, you need to do whatever it takes.

You will be provided with a wealth of information about your alcoholism, including the consequences of continued use or relapse. To help your weekend alcohol treatment be successful, you will need to be focused on following through with your commitments.

If you’ll take responsibility for your addiction, treatment will help you begin to do that, and be mindful of what is important, you dramatically increase your chances at staying sober. No matter what treatment program you select, the key for all of them is commitment and responsibility.

Additional Resources

A tremendous benefit of committing to a weekend recovery program offered at a treatment center will be the resources you will be given. While the core of the actual program will help you better understand your disease and what recovery is all about, you will also gain a wealth of outside resources.

In lieu of an intense inpatient rehab experience, these resources can be the difference between another sober day and a relapse. Every one of these resources will be presented as suggestions.

However, similar to pulling the cord on a parachute when jumping out of an airplane, the necessity to use them is logical. If you want to stay clean and sober, you’ll follow them. One of these resources may be individual counseling.

Like a weekend alcohol treatment program, you will have an opportunity to adjust these sessions around your work schedule. Establish a relationship with an outside counselor and stick to it.

There will also be a vast opportunity to attend various meetings held by recovery fellowships. One of the more noteworthy is an anonymous organization dedicated to helping fellow alcoholics.

Another key suggestion you will get from any treatment program is to become a part of a recovery fellowship. The meetings are one important benefit, but there will also be relationships. It’s these relationships that could save you from a devastating relapse.

The condensed time schedule of a weekend alcohol treatment program can be effective. However, like any treatment model, you are the one who needs to suit up and show up. Knowledgeable substance abuse counselors will give you the tools you need.

Your job is to take these tools and suggestions and implement them in your life. If you’ll take responsibility for your recovery, a weekend alcohol treatment program can lay the foundation for a new and exciting way to live, clean and sober.

If you’re still waiting to make a decision about treatment, speak to a professional about your drug or alcohol use. A trained counselor will help you make the smart choice. Making the wrong decision about getting treatment may have dire consequences. One of these could be your life. Make a call for help today at 833-364-0736, because tomorrow might be too late.