Do I Need Treatment at a Houston Drug Rehab Facility That Is Similar to a Hospital?

When it comes to rehab facilities, you can rest assured they come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the facilities serve the general population while other facilities might choose to specialize in special groups. Special groups might include men only, women only, military veterans, certain religious groups, and perhaps the LBGT community. No matter who is occupying the beds of rehab, the goal is always the same. That goal is to help the person who is suffering from an addiction. It also does not matter what methods a therapist might use as long as the process gets the desired results.

If anyone were to ask the titled question, it would likely be because they have an antiquated vision of what rehab would look and feel like. Yes, there was a time many years ago when the rehabs in Houston probably looked like hospitals. That isn’t the case anymore. For sure, there are still some facilities that look like clinics or hospitals. However, most of today’s rehab looks more like homes. In case you are wondering why the shift more towards homelike environments, it has a bit to do with making sure clients are comfortable. In a hospital setting, clients tend to get intimidated by the sterile environment. It reminds them they are sick. A homelike environment feels a little more like home.

The feeling is that clients are more apt to relax and open up if they are in an environment that feels familiar to them. So, to answer the titled question, no, you don’t need treatment from a rehab that looks and feels like a hospital. The reality is we encourage you to seek out a facility that makes you feel comfortable. That is a real challenge when you are having to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction, but you need to put your best effort into therapy. You are more likely to do that if you are comfortable.

A Discussion About Amenities

As long as this discussion is focusing on rehab facilities and treatment environments, it makes sense to discuss the amenities rehab facilities offer. In a residential treatment program, there is going to be some downtime when clients aren’t working with a therapist or groups. This is the time the staff sets aside so clients like you can relax and rejuvenate after a long day of therapy sessions and workshops. In order to create a relaxing environment, most rehab facilities try to offer the kinds of amenities that people find relaxing. Some of the amenities you might find in a Houston rehab might include:

  • access to Xbox or PlayStation
  • swimming facilities
  • a TV room
  • billiards or ping pong
  • A library
  • A music room
  • Access to watersports

All of these are common ways for people like you to relax. When you start searching for rehab, the quality of treatment a facility offers should always be your top concern. Beyond that, you have a right to focus on comfort and available amenities. Rehab isn’t a vacation home, but it isn’t a prison either. Everyone needs an opportunity to let their hair down and relax a little because tomorrow is a new day. As you might expect, there is a price that goes with higher quality amenities. The luxury rehabs might have spas, riding stables, and boating expeditions.

For people of means, these are the things that bring them comfort, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable during treatment. We only mention this to make sure you don’t set unreasonable expectations. Here is what is reasonable. You need to focus on recovering from your addiction. As you enter rehab, the look of the facility should be a minor consideration. Your mind should be on committing to the treatment process so you can get better. It would help if you find a facility that looks and feels right to you but don’t ever lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish.

So you know, our facility does not look like a hospital nor do we treat our clients as patients. They are all residents who are sharing the experience of treatment and recovery. We want you to join us and become part of the process. If you contact us now, we would be happy to tell you about the facility and answer your questions about treatment. You can reach out to us by picking up the phone and dialing 833-364-0736. We are available 24/7.