Can You Detox From Weed And Heroin At The Same Time?

You’re fighting to keep your head above water from weed and heroin. The weight of your addictions keep pulling you down. You’re overwhelmed. Every time you step away, the withdrawal symptoms reel you back in. It’s not as simple as telling yourself you can stop. Your body is dependent on your addictions. You can’t function without them. You want to stop. You want to live a normal life again. You can’t keep on going this way. There’s only one problem. You have to detox before you can start over again. You’re in so much trouble right now. You need an expert to answer your questions. Can you detox from weed and heroin at the same time.

Detox is considered the first stage of addiction treatment. It may happen in your rehab facility or you may go to a different program to undergo the detox process. It’s different for everyone. During detox, you can expect:

  • The process to take several days up to a week
  • You will completely stop use of weed and heroin
  • You will go through withdrawal as toxins leave your body
  • You will have medical supervision at all times
  • Medication may be used to ease the process

A detox program will be created to meet your needs. Medical staff will take into account that you have more than one addiction before the process begins. You will not have to face the struggle of detox alone.

Heroin Detox is the Greatest Concern

While there are symptoms of withdrawal associated with marijuana detox, such as irritability, intense cravings, and a loss of appetite, withdrawal from heroin is much more severe. The degree of your drug use and dependency can affect how severe your withdrawal symptoms are. You may be overcome by:

  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Spasms in your muscles
  • Body aches
  • Intense cravings

Your detox provider may determine that the best way to help you through the process is with the aid of medication. Detox is not the end of your journey. Treatment in a rehab program will give you the best chance at successfully dealing with your addictions.

Detox is a great benefit in helping you to get rid of all the chemicals that your addictions have built up in your body. However, it does not help you to break away from your dependency. If you leave detox with no further treatment, it is highly likely that your old habits will pull you back in. Treatment in an addiction recovery program will help you to continue on the path away from heroin and weed.

Addiction recovery professionals will guide you along the way. They’ll begin by giving you a safe space where you can concentrate on getting well. You are dealing with an illness. You deserve to get help from trained professionals who understand your struggle. You will not have to worry about anything but overcoming the greatest battle of your life. It’s time to retrain the way you think and how you handle pressure. Find out what influences set you on the path of addiction. Learn how to make better choices. Your therapist will work with you to identify negative people in your life. You may discover your family and friends have enabled your addiction. Counseling sessions can pull in everyone who is important to you. It is going to take teamwork to help you deal with your problem.

Addiction to heroin and weed may seem like it is more than you can handle. You may be facing a huge obstacle, but specialists in addiction recovery have the resources and experience to help you. You’ll have a safety net to catch you when you fall. During your treatment, the main goal will be to support your recovery in every way possible. When you leave, you will still have access to outpatient services. You won’t be sent out into the world with no one to fall back on. If temptation comes knocking at your door, you will have someone you can call. Find out how strong you are with people who want to help you. Our counselors are here at any time. You can call us night or day, seven days a week. Now is the time to say no to addiction and yes to the rest of your life. Contact us at 833-364-0736 today and begin living again.