Are There Volunteer Programs for Rehab Centers?

Are you or someone you care about looking into rehab? If you are, there is a lot to know before you make that giant step. However, it’s great that you are here and ready to make a positive change! Rehab will likely be one of the biggest milestones in your life- one that you will look back on proudly. It is quite normal to have a lot of questions when you are thinking about rehab. You’re wondering what rehab will be like and what you will be doing there the entire time, right? Are there a lot of therapy sessions? Are there volunteer programs for rehab centers? How will I spend my free time?

If you are looking for answers, let us lead the way. Read on to learn what to expect during rehab.

What can you expect in the beginning?

One of the main components of rehab is for you to come off of the drugs you have been on, as safely as possible. That means you can expect to be medically-monitored the whole way, especially if you are heavily addicted to alcohol or heavy drugs. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if you do not monitor them carefully, so a rehab center will have doctors and nurses available the whole time you are there. They may or may not prescribe some type of medication to ease the withdrawal symptoms you are having. Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor how bad you are feeling. They don’t want you to be in pain while you are in rehab, and they will do what they can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Will I attend therapy sessions while I’m there?

Therapy is a very important part of rehab. You’ll begin attending various sessions as soon as you are physically up for it. These will include a combination of private therapy sessions, group therapy meetings, and family sessions with your loved ones. If you have a dual diagnosis, you’ll talk privately with a therapist about your problems. Dual diagnosis will help you get to the root of your addiction, a very important part of therapy. Group therapy sessions allow you to talk to others in a relaxed, safe setting. You’ll have the chance to learn more about your fellow roommates while you share your own feelings and concerns.

Will there be opportunities to volunteer?

While most rehab centers do offer volunteer positions, this will depend largely on the individual center. However, you can expect to have the chance to volunteer while you are there, especially if you have chosen to attend an inpatient program. Volunteering during rehab is an excellent way to work on your recovery. While you are not in therapy sessions you will have some downtime to fill, and you definitely don’t want your mind to wander too far off. Volunteering will fill up your time and get your thoughts off of the substances that got you into the center in the first place.

What you can do for volunteer work will depend on the center. Some will have positions available in the kitchen, especially for clean-up duties. You may be able to volunteer to clean up the common room areas after therapy sessions or other activities. If the rehab is on a large amount of property, there will often be ground keeping volunteer positions. Some will also have clerical positions that can keep you busy. If you would like to volunteer during your stay in rehab, talk to your therapist about what you would enjoy doing. They can help you find the best fit while you are there.

What happens after I leave rehab?

When you are done with your program, you will be faced with a couple of choices. Some patients decide to return home and pick up where they left off. Others would rather continue their journey in a group setting, such as a halfway house. It will usually be your decision to make unless you are in rehab under a court order. If this is the case, you may have to stay in a halfway home for several weeks or months before returning to regular society.

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